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Periscope Party!


Are you on Periscope? Join me! Let’s PARTY! If you are not on Periscope… not to worry! Here’s a little quick start guide for you and info for you so you can get started! (I’m a little excited… can you tell with all the exclamation marks and all?) WHO CAN USE PERISCOPE? Anyone who has […] Read more…

Ultimate Business Growth Experience

worm hole 2

The bain of my entrepreneurial existence and the BEST thing that will ever happen to you over and over! AKA Worm Hole or Growth Hole! My assistant, aka Best Son in the world, just experienced one of these with me and he said something very helpful that I wanted to share with you… “Hey Mom! You […] Read more…

Do I need a Mentor?

mentor feature

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, confused, head in a spin, not sure what to do next? Are you in the process of starting up your own business, or maybe you started but nothing seems to be happening? If any of these symptoms apply to you, then you are in the right place! As we […] Read more…

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